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Kids Face Mask

Lifebouy Hand Sanitizer

When we step out of home, our hands touch common surfaces like elevator buttons, cab doors, train handles or grocery carts that are a breeding ground of bacteria & viruses. However we don’t always have access to water & soap. That’s why Lifebuoy Total hand sanitizer, is a must have when you are out of… Continue reading Lifebouy Hand Sanitizer

Lifebuoy Hand Wash

Lifebuoy Hand Wash is recommended by doctors (based on an independent survey, 2020). It is scientifically proven to fight dangerous germs with every wash, as per lab test on representative organism. Designed with Glycerin, known to moisturize skin leaving it feeling soft. Lifebuoy handwash is a skin-friendly formula that is gentle on skin. It is… Continue reading Lifebuoy Hand Wash


Using Dettol Original Liquid Handwash everyday protects hands from germs and helps keep them hygienically clean and refreshed. Wash hands properly with Dettol and help keep your family healthy.

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